We are a sustainable fashion sourcing company. Our head office is based in Perth, WA and our operations centre is strategically located in Chennai, India.

Our vendor network extends beyond the borders of the Indian sub-continent, providing our clients with access to a global network of diverse materials and production capabilities.

At Urvara we stand for sustainable fashion sourcing that transcends boundaries and sets new standards to make fashion ethical and climate neutral.


Adrian Gallyot

Co-founder & Director

Over 15 Years of experience in
IT and Finance

Dominic D’silva

Founder & CEO

Over 21 years of experience in
Apparel Manufacturing.

Lekha Rajeev

Creative Director

Over 18 years of experience in
Product Design & Development.




Apparel & textile Sourcing

1. Certified Organic Cotton & Alternative natural fibres: Men’s, Women’s, Kids wear, Accessories, Footwear, Lifestyle & Home furnishing products.

2. Recycled & Upcycled: Per-consumer Recycled Cotton, RPet recycled Polyester, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Cotton + Polyester + Natural rubber elastics, Upcycled paper from cotton waste for packaging.

3. Technical Expertise: We share decades of technical expertise across all facets of manufacturing, from design, R&D, fabric production to finished products. With risk management and assessment. Proactive identification, and mitigation of potential supply chain issues.

4. Global Reach: We have a vast network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, offering access to diverse materials and production capabilities. We assist with complex international trade regulations and logistics, for seamless sourcing and distribution processes.

ECO-FASHION TOURISM - a holiday with a difference.

We plan and curate a seven-day guided tour of our home state (Tamil Nadu) in south India structured around textile & fashion.

Apart from a comfortable stay at some of the many beautiful resorts, soaking in the warm sunshine, taking in the local sights and sampling the unique cuisine, our goal is also to help spread awareness about the concept of sustainability in fashion and promote our region’s rich culture & heritage in traditional textiles and apparel.


Urvara's specialized marketing service is tailored for Indian apparel export manufacturers. Offering access to lucrative Australian fashion market and other emerging markets like Scandinavia (Europe) and Saudi Arabia.

Our marketing services are aimed to help Indian apparel exports to confidently expand into these new fashion markets, particularly with Australia.

Are expertise, insights, and resources for successful market entry and sustained success in Australia fashion market involves ...

Market Research and Analysis:

We share analysis that provides valuable insights into the Australian fashion market. Identifying emerging trends, consumer preferences, and market dynamics.

Customized Marketing Strategies:

Customized marketing strategies designed to showcase your company’s products, capabilities, and certifications to Australian buyers.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance:

Open guide to Australian regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with manufacturing, import regulations, and other legal obligations.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities:

We facilitate networking opportunities and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the Australian fashion industry and help forge valuable relationships to drive business growth.

Performance Measurement and Reporting:

We provide performance measurement reports on your marketing initiatives. Our analytics help track the effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and optimize strategies for maximum impact and ROI.


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